Portfolio (IDE)


Portfolio (IDE)

Portfolio (IDE) | Personal project @ 2021


Create a variant of my personal website using Next.js.


Next.js was on my radar for quite some time. Used it on the current and past versions of my portfolio and loved it! So I decided to create a variant of the portfolio website simulating it as some sort of IDE. Hope you enjoy at least half of what I did!

The project was built using Next.js and hosted on Vercel. There is no database, all is done in a JAMStack way.

For CSS it uses Bulma and SASS. It's a PWA and with that comes all the benefits associated with it, e.g: cache; offline usage; speed; etc...

As always for linting it uses eslint and stylelint. Prettier for code format. It also uses Husky for running tasks upon committing, such as validating commit messages according to conventional commits as well as running lint and test. Testing is provided by Jest and React Testing Library.


Client: Personal project

Date: 2021


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