Customer selfcare


Customer selfcare

Customer selfcare | Habit Analytics @ Since 2021


Working @ Habit Analytics create a SPA.


Customer selfcare is a very demanding and ambitious SPA built from scratch using essentially Next.js and TailwindCSS. It uses SWR to handle the data synchronization.

Almost all React components are build from scratch. Very few libraries used.

As always for linting it uses eslint and stylelint. Prettier for code format. It also uses Husky for running tasks upon comminting, such as validating commit message according to conventional commits as well running lint and test. Testing is provided by Jest and React Testing Library.

It's a web platform to manage user insurance policies. It has the ability to manage user account details; policy documents; billings; create/edit claims; etc...

Is completely responsive for all sort of devices and to be embedded in other clients web platform.

Due to a NDA, I cannot share the work I've done.


Client: Habit Analytics

Date: Since 2021


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