Bruno Domingos

About me

My name is Bruno Domingos and I am a proactive and focused developer with eight years’ experience in a variety of development positions with a personal taste for frontend development.

Organised, curious, passionate and a keen eye for detail. A person who loves what he does.

Core skills

  • Skilled frontend developer

  • Passionate for UI&UX

  • Curious and aware with current and new development tools and practices

  • Experience in hybrid mobile applications


Professional experience

Web Developer Freelancer

2011 - Present

Started my web developer journey doing some simple freelance projects.

Full-Stack Web Developer

Jan 2013 - Aug 2014

Started working as a full time web developer for the company ActualSales. Integrated in a bussiness unit called "Made For The Cloud".

Full-Stack Web Developer

Aug 2014 - Jan 2015

Went to ActualSales in São Paulo, Brazil to work on another bussiness unit of the company - Research & Design.

Full-Stack Web Developer

Apr 2015 - Dec 2017

Back to Portugal and started working for the company INBOX Agency.

Responsible for all the current development and maintenance - Front-End, Back-End and all his services - on one of the biggest websites (according to NetScope rank) in Portugal - Notícias ao Minuto and also for his "brother" - Notícias ao Minuto Brasil.

Doing some other internal projects as well.

Software Engineer - UI

Jan 2018 - Oct 2018

Full time as a frontend developer @ Farfetch.

Working mainly in micro-services using React, Redux and SASS. Time to time have to work on pure javascript only.

Due to a NDA, I cannot share the work I've done.

Senior Frontend Developer

Nov 2018 - Present

Full time as a frontend developer @ Habit Analytics.

Responsible to create from scratch a very ambitious SPA. Built using React(CRA); Redux; SASS. It has dozens of routes with a ton of features to create a White Label App, manage builds, users, team members, etc...

Due to a NDA, I cannot share the work I've done.