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Chef Online

Chef Online | Chef Online @ 2013


Working @ ActualSales, build a Facebook application.


Chef Online belongs to Continente who is probably the biggest food market in Portugal.

This project was a Facebook application integrated in Chef Online Facebook page. It had a "like gate" so the user can only participate after liked the Chef Online page. After that he had to fill a form with his personal information, and then he could play.

The game consisted in finding gifts in Google Maps Street View feature. The user had to choose a part of Portugal and navigate though Google Maps Street View in search of a "real" gift. There was fake and real gifts. When the user missed a real gift he had to invite friends so that he could play again.

When he found a real one, had to enter a custom phrase about Continente, Natal and Chef Online.

All of this to win some gift or vouchers.


Client: Chef Online

Date: 2013


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